Simms Consulting, Inc.   
Specifically  for the Independent Insurance Agency
Planning the Migration to AMS360

So, you've decided to set a date and migrate your AfW agency to AMS360!  Congratulations! 

AMS360 is a positive upgrade to the AfW system you've grown to love--but getting your agency positioned to take full advantage of this upgrade requires some upfront planning.  Karen Simms has assisted over 50 agencies in the transition as trainer and/or consultant, and has spoken on the migration process at several AMS User's Group National Conventions.

How can Simms Consulting help your agency migrate?

A successful migration requires a successful plan.  This plan should begin at least six months, but preferably nine months to a year before your planned migration date.  We'll help you assess your agency's readiness to migrate by looking at a multitude of factors:

  • the book of business your agency writes
  • key data points in your current AfW database
  • agency procedures and manuals currently in place
  • number and type of staff
  • current system utilization by staff
  • additional items determined by the above

Once we've analyzed your current situation, we'll help you design a plan to arrive at your AMS360 live date with good, clean data and staff who are comfortable about AMS360 and even eager to "get their hands on it".  Finally, we'll help you with your agency kickoff to launch your agency's migration project on the just the right note!

Agencies who have planned their migrations with the help of Simms Consulting have found that the time and money expended in planning and preparing saved morale, time and money once they went live.  In many cases, the agencies have not even required follow up training and "live week" was a very good experience for both agency staff and customers!


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